Understanding Diversity Through Reading

Books are the gateway to learning. They let us explore different worlds, people, languages, foods, etc. Sometimes the things we learn from books are obvious, such as reading a recipe for chocolate chip cookies or a guide to your new iPhone, but oftentimes it’s the less obvious lessons that are important.

Books help us understand different people and their cultures and the struggle of embracing yourself and your culture. If you read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare you might not have realized that you were learning about different people and races coming together, the importance of heritage, different ethnicities and gender orientations, and the importance of embracing yourself and your culture. Simply picking up a book shows you the world from a different person’s point of view.

Broadening everyone’s understanding of people both similar and different from them can help us create a more positive society focusing on what makes the U.S. special: its diverse groups of people that gave it the nicknames “The Salad Bowl” and “The Melting Pot.” I encourage you to broaden your understanding of other people and their cultures by simply picking up one of your favorite books. I can guarantee that at least one person in that book will be a little different from you and teach you something new.

Creating a more diverse society through reading and writing is easy. You can either pick up one of your favorite books, explore a new book, or write something and encourage others to read it. There are many places and people out there to help you embrace diversity. You can go to your local bookstore or library and pick a book from there. Or you can go to websites like www.diversityinya.com that celebrate the differences in books and people.

Also encourage your friends to read with you. A great way to support diversity could be through reading books your friends recommend to you. Simply by reading something new you’ll be opening your mind to a more diverse world. As you explore these new worlds, make sure to take notes on the things you learn. Just remember to read your book with an open mind and pick something you enjoy. Just the simple action of reading a book can broaden your mind and lead to embracing yourself and the others around you. So go ahead, read something new and embrace our diverse world.