Butta and the Tower of Bling – African American Mainstream Literature

Butta and the Tower of Bling is a fast-paced adventure into the world of urban fiction. Corey Burkes in this his debut novel has produced mainstream fiction that will make the reader sit up and take notice of the characters rich with dialogues who speak and act like people we know. The novel is a brilliant depiction of a cross-section of American Culture with which we can all identify. Shady characters, evil antagonists, gutsy protagonists, and a host of supporting characters all spring to life from the pages of Butta’ and the Tower of Bling.

Burkes’ unique writing style is both edgy and irreverent. His characters speak and act like everyday people you meet on the street. They remind you of the people who make up the heart and soul of any American city; some you know, some you don’t know, and some you wish you had never met. As Butta’ herself claims, “I speak so I can be understood.” Fully fleshed out and conveying attitude, these are the kind of fictional characters that are so believable you want to keep on reading.

The story line is based on a deep seated grudge held by Butta. Hung alongside her family as a small child by a nasty white supremacist, Butta spends her entire life devoted to taking down this neo-Nazi who has become the master of a diamond making invention that her father created. Butta a genius at cat burglaring hires an entourage of equally interesting support to help her pull of her biggest heist yet, stealing back the invention her father created!

The plot has multiple layers that demonstrate a maturity of writing skills seldom seen so early in an author’s career. The consistent build up to the climax keeps the reader eager to turn to the next page. The careful blend of dialogue and background is so balanced and blended that the reader becomes absorbed in the story. From the botched lynching and thieving white supremacist to the harrowing escape in the final moments of the book, the pace is never dull, the story enthralling, and the rush to the finish will have the reader up all night racing to the finish. The protagonist’s father says it best, ” Now I know why we call you Butta….you so smooth.”

Butta’ and the Tower of Bling

Corey A. Burkes

Publisher: Skyelightbooks.com

ISBN: 978-0-979-6352

Publisher year: 2007