Book Review of "A Heart for Freedom"

Chai Ling shares her story in “A Heart for Freedom”. She has a first hand account to the abortion issue in China. Her cause is worth one supporting. You may have more in common than you think.

I would never have thought that I would have anything in common with someone who has gone through unimaginable hardships in another country. As I read her story and thoughts, I saw some similarities and alignment with my views that made me feel like I could share something with others from different backgrounds.

Chai was one of the students involved in the Tiananmen Square incident. She escaped and built a new life in America. In China as a young woman, she had troubled relationships and four abortions.

Chai accepted Christ but had to help friends understand that when witnessing to Chinese women about abortions, they needed to refrain from telling the women to confess their sins and just let them know they are loved. She went on to say that we need to do the same in America and for anyone we are trying to witness to. I agreed with that.

A similarity I felt was in her struggle finishing her story. She attempted to write it twenty years ago but was unable to finish it. Something was holding her back. Once she fully went through the healing process, she was able to finish it. That is something I think many writers go through.

At the end of the book, she shared an email she had received from a friend about an image of Jesus being with them. It was similar to a poem I had written about fifteen years ago.

Although her’s was an experience different from ours, as humans here are some common shared experiences by people in general: Many young women have dating difficulties, many women have abortions, many refugees have emotional struggles when coming to a new country, many Christians with good intentions, can be insensitive at times when attempting to share the Gospel. Many people are searching but don’t know exactly what they are searching for. Many authors have difficulty completing their stories.

Jesus finds us where we are at. Grace is for us all. Healing can take many years. We all have something to offer.

My story may not be the same but I can reach out to others in my every day life and help in small ways that mean so much. We never know the impact we have on others.