Book Review of "The Jewish Approach to God"

In “The Jewish Approach to God”, Rabbi Neil Gillman shares his views on the comparisons between Jewish and Christian theology. Those are two belief systems that although are so closely tied, can only be understood by sharing and uniting with one another.

As a beginner in exploring tackling the Hebrew language, I sat down with a notepad to take notes of new vocabulary words. I had recently read another book written by three women, a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian from a Catholic/Episcopalian background.

The idea of sharing experiences sounds easy but to fully understand history, one needs to start digging into the languages. This is a large task that takes time.

One thing I was unclear about was that he used the word God. I’m glad but I thought Jews weren’t allowed to use that name.

Another thing that was a little difficult was it was so intellectual. My belief in Christianity seems so simple.

I keep in mind that within every religion are various denominations and practices. Some people only practice what traditions they are raised in as holidays and others are searching for the deepest meanings.

I follow Jesus with all my heart and keep it simple. To some non-religious people I may be seen as deeply religious and yet, to some conservatives seen as too liberal. I believe in mercy and charity and trust God to take care of the rest.

To me, the New Testament seems easier to read than the Old Testament. I don’t know if that is because languages changed or times changed. Just like today is so different from the Middle Ages, there seems to be a difference in communication.

For the Gentile reading this book, if you are a first time explorer, you may want to get out a pad of paper, a pen, a Bible and a dictionary or the internet to look up words that are new to you. It will make reading an adventure.

Not all of my questions were answered but I may need an elementary version such as children’s books to start with. This was like starting in seminary so it was a big chunk to take on.

I do have my notes and questions. I do plan on going back and finding more resources. I am doing this at home on my own first and then may audit a class and finally, try a course for credit. Wish me luck.